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  • Myths, Legends and Folklore of China

    How the war god Kuan Ti (Guanti) was once an heroic outlaw called Kuan Chung who, after his capture and execution, was in stages promoted from duke to prince and, eventually, deified; how the revolting Monkey was eventually captured, and sentenced to death, by Jade Yu-Ti, the Emperor of Heaven, who gave him over to the Taoist master Lao Chun, to be dissolved in the alchemical furnace but even that could not harm the indestructible Monkey; how the Lord of Heaven made Monkey Master of Heaven's Stables to keep him out of trouble but Monkey wrought havoc when he realised the reason for his appointment; how a dog married a princess after the emperor rashly promised his daughter to anyone who would bring him the head of his enemy (the dog, a considerate soul, did try to become human before the wedding but the emperor, again rashly, interrupted the magical rite before the dog's head had changed); how Monkey, as Master of the Heavenly Peach Orchard, was slighted by not being invited to the Peach Festival and avenged himself by eating and drinking all of the food and drink at the festival; and how Monkey was released from his mountain prison, to accompany the pilgrim Thang Seng and his assistant Pig on their quest to the Western Paradise, to bring back the original teachings of Buddha, are among the myths, legends and folktales of China. (We do not promote superstition and they are presented for your interest only.)

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